Sunday, July 24, 2011

Where has summer gone?

So we have had a lot going on this summer! I'm super glad that we decided to put Jax in no activities until fall, because we are crazy busy!

Life with 2 boys, 3 boys is everything I thought it would be, and some.

Jace is just as energetic as his older brother, if not more. (monkey see-monkey do, right?) About 2 weeks ago he became mobile, and in just that short time he's now made it to the 3rd stair and pulls himself to standing so that he can reach his brother's Wii controllers. Jax seems to think he's fully capable of WWE...

Jax is...well, a 5 year old. Sweet and rotten all at the same time. I'm glad he's still secretly a snuggler and still likes it when I tuck him in. But I could do without the back talk and whiney fits about extremely minor things. (like, "Why do I have to take a bath tonight? I only got in the pool today, ran around outside after and then had a mud fight!") He'll start Kindergarten this fall (sniffle, sniffle) and he's super excited! We've decided to send him to Immanuel Lutheran School. It reminds me a lot of my elementary school, First Lutheran. Jax will be playing soccer again this fall. I think he asks me everyday if its "time for soccer to start yet?". Jackson loves being an older brother and ADORES his younger brother...most of the time ;)

My biggest boy, Josh, is loving Florida just as much as the rest of us. He's really enjoying work and the people he works with. He loves the fact that you can play baseball here in DECEMBER! And likes that he gets to get some sunshine almost every day!

Honestly, this summer went by way too fast, and I have a feeling its only going to get faster from here on out. :)

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